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Brand story

Our approach

With our pragmatic, results-driven approach we ensure Kiwi businesses enjoy the very best in innovative, inventive, and wholly effective printing and signage supplies.

We have the experience to know what works from the past. We have the acumen and specialist expertise to understand the potential in the future. With this capability we ensure our range can meet the demands of fast-changing production environment.

At Total Supply we back this range with service that is equal parts insightful and helpful. It is our team that ensures our reputation continues to shine, and it is their efforts that separate us from the pack. We wouldn’t be where we are without their knowledge, their passion, and their dedication – both to the success of our business and that of our customers.


Our history

1962 was a time of new beginnings. Overseas, the Beatles and the Beach Boys burst onto the music scene with first records and Andy Warhol painted his first Campbells soup can. Closer to home Peter Snell broke world records and the first Picton car ferry set sail.

In this environment of burgeoning ideas and new technologies, the original form of our company was born. The company first traded under Letraset NZ and then Esselte NZ.

Later, Total Supply was created after Esselte merged with Spandex NZ, and we opened a new branch in the South Island and increased our capacity and capability. We proudly launched one of the first e-commerce platforms in the NZ market.  

Spicers NZ purchased Total Supply in October 2014. It was a move that allowed our company to increase our range and grow our industry network once more. We were able to add new product segments including paper, synthetics, rigids, packaging, and display boards to our range. As we grew and flourished so too did the businesses of our customers.

At this time, we also established a successful hardware division and developed an industry-leading supply infrastructure, growing our operations in Wellington and ensuring fast, efficient, and cost-effective delivery to customers the length and breadth of New Zealand.

This innovative approach collects waste material and converts it into a renewable resource, all while staying local...

With Totals momentum building in the LED space through the GE range, we expanded the range in 2017, introducing Rishang to the market. Acquiring Sign Technology further bolstered our LED and neon range. We are now the largest industry distributor of illuminated signage materials, with digital screens and content management software further enhancing what our customers could achieve.

Not one to stand-still, Total Supply became the first signage supplier in New Zealand to also hold FSC and PEFC Certification in 2023. This only strengthened their position in the market to be a driving force for a sustainable future.  Then again in 2024, we lead the charge, becoming the first signage materials supplier to become Toitū net carbonzero certified. Total believes sustainability is not just a goal but a responsibility and keystone for future generations.

Yet, for all the leaps and bounds of science, it is the expertise and insight of our team that is the not-so-secret to our success.

In March 2021, we bought Blueprint Imaging into the fold, furthering our offerings with screen-printing, banner, and textiles, and expanding the range of wide and grand format hardware available.

Since 1962 a lot has changed in the printing and signage industries, and technology has changed what was once was thought possible. Yet, for all the leaps and bounds of science, it is the expertise and insight of our team that is the not-so-secret to our success. It is this old-fashioned quality service that makes such a big difference.

This is how appreciation of our history makes us stronger. It is why dedication to your future makes us better.